Which Breast Implants are Right for Me?

breast implant decisions denver highlands ranch plastic surgeonThe decision to have breast augmentation surgery is one that should not be taken lightly. After all, this cosmetic procedure is aimed at enhancing your figure to not only help you look better but help you feel better too. Many women report increased self-confidence after breast augmentation surgery but it takes thoughtful consideration and a skilled plastic surgeon to give you the results you desire.

One of the most important decisions with this procedure is choosing the right implant for your body. The implant you choose can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of the surgery. Depending on whether you prefer a more natural appearance and feel or wish to focus more on the size and the shape, these decisions must be considered thoroughly before embarking on the procedure.

Thankfully, at the Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery and Skin Care, our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Zwiebel has extensive experience with many types of implants and can help you decide which one is best for your aesthetic goals.

The first step will be discussing what you wish to achieve from this surgery. After establishing your goals, Dr. Zwiebel will help you visualize how your options will look by using digital imaging and allowing you to wear different sized implants to actually see and feel how they will fit on your body.

Next, Dr. Zwiebel will go over the different implant options he offers at his office. Each implant offers its own benefits. The three implant options we offer include:

  • Saline: These are round silicone shells which are filled with saline water. This option generally has a smaller incision as they are filled after they are placed. These implants are also safe in the event of rupture as the saline is harmless and absorbed in the body. However, some people believe these implants feel less natural than other implant types. The FDA has approved these implants for women 18 years and older.
  • Silicone: Silicone implants have become the preferred choice by many for their natural look and feel as they’re filled with a silicone gel. Unfortunately, leaks with these implants can be harder to detect and treat and the implants must be checked over time. These implants have been approved by the FDA for women aged 22 and older.
  • Gummy bear: Similar to silicone implants, these also use a silicone gel but have a teardrop shape and are considerably more stable because of its internal cross-linking design. These also have been approved by the FDA for women aged 22 and older.

Other implant considerations you must factor in your decision include its:

  • Shape
  • Profile
  • Texture

Dr. Zwiebel can help guide you through these decisions by explaining the pros and cons of each so that you can make the most informed decision. While it may seem like there are a lot of things to think about, it’s these choices that will determine the outcome of your surgery. Dr. Zwiebel and his entire staff work to make sure that you love the way you look and feel after your procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of breast implants we offer at our office, please contact us by filling out the form on this page or by calling us at 303-470-3400 to schedule your consultation today. We proudly provide services to those who live in and near Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Littleton, Colorado.

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