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Here at Modern Surgical Arts of Denver, we understand how important it is to select the right surgeon, right skin care staff and products, and surgical office. We also understand the many options patients have. Thank you for choosing us; we are honored that you trust our staff and we are delighted that we could share this positive journey with you.

If you can take this time to share your experience, we would greatly appreciate a few words of encouragement to our new patients or those in the decision-making process. Feel free to write one or several reviews by suing the buttons below. Hope this finds you well and thank you again!

What Some of Our Happy Patients Are Saying


Success Stories From Real Patients

“Each time I came to Dr. Zwiebel’s office, he and his staff made me feel so at ease and part of their family. I am so happy that I made the choice to have breast augmentation.”

Iman is a native of Paris, France, where she was born and raised. Iman then moved to New Orleans, the soul of America. Due to Hurricane Katrina she has since relocated to Denver, CO. Iman made her decision to have plastic surgery to further pursue her modeling career and to simply feel good about herself. She now feels confident in all the clothes she wears. Iman is so happy she selected Dr. Zwiebel and his staff.
Breast Augmentation
Iman, Age 28
“This is the best thing I have done for myself. I now look forward to summer and showing off my new look. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered and got back to my active lifestyle with the kids. Dr. Zwiebel and his staff made me feel so safe and secure.”

Lisa is a happily married woman with 3 children. She made the decision to have plastic surgery because she wanted to look as young as she feels. Lisa has a teenage son and a younger set of twins. Giving birth had taken its toll on her body and having had the twins later in life, she wanted to look the way she felt. Lisa underwent a Mile High Mommy Makeover. Lisa is active and constantly on the go. Who wouldn’t be on the go with a set of twins?
Mommy Makeover
Lisa, Age 47
“I felt like I was part of their family and I knew I was in the best of hands. I am so thankful that I had my surgery performed with Dr. Zwiebel. Having the pain pump made recovery so easy.

Holly is married with one son who keeps her life very full and busy. Holly decided that following the birth of her son, Owen, that she wanted to get back the fullness she once had with her breasts. Holly was very nervous about surgery. Once she met with Dr. Zwiebel and his staff, her worries were put to rest.
Breast Augmentation
Holly, Age 37
“I love the staff, the office vibe and Dr. Zwiebel was so easy to speak to. I knew that he was my surgeon of choice. I am so happy that I did this. I feel so much more confident and sexy.”

Maggie is 35 years old and happily married with 3 children. After having her children and then losing over 60 pounds, Maggie wanted to regain her body. She came in to see Dr. Zwiebel.
Mommy Makeover
Maggie, Age 35