Arm Lift

At some point in time, many of us have looked at the loose skin that has accumulated on our arms and wondered why us, or why it looks the way it does. You have tried every exercise aimed at slimming and trimming arms, bought and used every invention that is supposed to reduce the size of your arms, and tried every treatment known to man but nothing ever seems to work.

This may affect your self-confidence and you may feel as though you have to cover up or avoid certain activities and opportunities. You might have never showed your arms because you are ashamed of that extra skin. You may sweat a lot of that area of have an enhanced scent. You might feel as if that area is just not getting enough oxygen. That’s where we at Modern Surgical Arts of Denver step in to make all those woes vanish and restore you to your best self.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have the highest level of qualifications and years of experience in the field of arm lift surgery so our clients and prospective clients can rest assured that their body goals are in reach and most definitely attainable.

You can visit our offices at any time for a consultation where we’ll help you make the right choice to reach your cosmetic goals or to find out more about the services we offer. Our experts here at Modern Surgical arts are professional, extremely experienced and very enthusiastic about helping you to restore your youthfulness and look and feel your best!

What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

An arm lift, also called a brachioplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that treats sagging underarms by reducing extra skin, tightening and smoothing tissue, and removing extra fat. This in turn causes the arms to look more toned and defined. This is a cosmetic surgery that requires careful planning and expert skills. Our certified plastic surgeons have the expertise needed to minimize fat in the arm area while keeping you safe.

There are several options as it relates to arm lift. These include:

  • Extended arm lift – Loose skin and fatty tissue is taken from underarm and any isues relating to the side of your body is looked into.
  • Traditional arm lift – This surgery extends from the armpit to the elbow where the excess fat is removed. Patients will have a large amount of fat in that area normally get this done.
  • Hidden arm pit – Patients who have moderate amounts of loose skin or fat opt for this option. Sometimes coupled with liposuction, an incision is made into the fold of the underarm to remove the extra fat.
  • Liposuction – As mentioned in our extensive section on liposuction, this is one of the areas that can be addressed with this procedure.

Preparing for an Arm Lift Surgery

Several weeks before the arm lift procedure the doctor will provide you with a preoperative evaluation. They will also make sure that you are ready for surgery by checking your current health and medical history. This is the best opportunity to ask your doctor any questions or bring up your concerns about the procedure. The results of the evaluation will help the doctor figure out the safest approach to your surgery.

Non-medical necessary procedures include taking care of anything that may require physical exertion such as housework, errands, etc., or have measurements in place to cater to these while you recover. Also, decide what you will wear on day of surgery. We recommend loose fitting clothes, something that opens at the front instead of going over your head and slip-on footwear. Prepare your refrigerator with the fruits, vegetables, protein and so necessary to help you with recovering. Ensure you are hydrated.

If any lifestyle changes are recommended, put those in place to minimize the risks or delayed healing. Also, have the extra pillows ready as you’ll need them post-surgery. Contact someone who you believe can assist you to the bathroom and so forth throughout the first few days.

Risks of Arm Lift Surgery

As with most cosmetic procedures there are a number of possible risks and downsides undergoing an Arm Lift Surgery. We take pride in keeping our clients informed of the risks associated with each procedure they may be interested in undergoing in order to allow you to make an informed choice. All of our clients are encouraged to as many questions about their procedure during the consultation. While our board-certified plastic surgeons perform each operation with precision and care the following side effects are unavoidable for some of our patients.

There are several possible risks associated directly with Arm Lift Surgery that have to be considered, these may include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Permanent scarring
  • Fluid buildup
  • Nerve damage
  • Muscle damage
  • Blood vessel damage
  • Fatty tissue death
  • Asymmetry in the shape of your arms
  • Problems with stitches

The anesthesia associated with the procedure carries risks such as:

  • Pneumonia
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Confusion
  • Death (in rare cases)

A small percentage of people also remain partially awake under anesthesia. If you are allergic to anesthesia, it is imperative that you let your doctors know.

During the procedure

  • Your plastic surgeon will make incisions on the undersides of the arms, the length and pattern of the incisions depends on how much skin will be removed.
  • After the incision is made the surgeon will tighten the underlying tissues and secure them with stitches.
  • The skin will then be draped over the new contours and excess skin will be removed
  • Stitches or surgical tape will be used to close the incisions.

Arm Lift Surgery Results

Smoother, tighter contours are apparent almost immediately following the procedure, but initial results will be obscured by swelling, scarring, and bruising where the incision was made.

Arm Lift Surgery results are typically long lasting, but skin will naturally lose firmness as you age and some sagging might occur. Maintaining a stable weight can help retain the results from the surgery.

Is Arm Lift Surgery Right for You?

Not every procedure is for everyone. That’s something we can’t reiterate enough. We would love to assist everyone in optimizing their body shape and overall appearances but there are some things both patient and surgeons must consider before executing arm life surgery. We understand that you might have tried everything to get your arms as slender as the rest of your body, but nothing worked. We strongly recommend considering arm lift surgery if you are:

  • Non-smoker.
  • Have no medical issues that could hinder the execution of the surgery or harm you should you do this surgery
  • in general, good health and is committed to maintaining this status.
  • Have a stable weight (not extremely overweight).
  • Left with flabby arms that won’t go away with any form of exercise or diet.

Why Choose Modern Surgical Arts?

Along with providing board-certified plastic surgeons for all our treatments and procedures, we at Modern Surgical Arts take pride in providing top notch customer service and our staff is always ready to assist with any queries or concerns our customers might have. We have worked tirelessly and with dedication to ensure that we are the go-to place for this and many other cosmetic treatments.

During our consultation, we will listen to your body goals and use our expert guidance to let you know what’s best. You’ll be amazed at how tight and small your arms are compared to pre-surgery. You’ll be happy with your arms and now wear whatever you want by choice! It’ll be liberating wearing sleeveless and whatever you want. Reach out to us today so that we can speak to you directly about arm lift surgery. All of us at Modern Surgical Arts of Denver are ready to assist you with the arm lift surgery or any other cosmetic surgery you might need to be the best version of you.