What is the Modern Approach to Scar Therapy After Cosmetic Surgery?

Scarring after cosmetic surgery is always a concern after any elective procedure. Reducing the effects of scarring is essential to give you the desired result. At Modern Surgical Arts of Denver, minimizing scarring is one of the main focus areas of each cosmetic procedure. At Modern Surgical Arts of Denver, we have several tools in our arsenal to reduce scarring and aid in effective healing to provide healthy, aesthetic results while minimizing discomfort and soothing your skin.

Our approach to ideal healing and scars is broken down into phases of care. Each step is equally important to achieve the best results.

  1. Pre-op: Optimization of patients’ nutrition and initiation of pre-surgical vitamin  Recovery Support Program 3 weeks prior to the day of the procedure.
  2. Intra-op: Surgical incisions strategically placed within hidden creases on the body; dissolvable sutures in several layers placed under the skin.
  3. Post-op:
    1. Continuation of optimized nutrition and vitamin  Recovery Support Program
    2. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory organic supplements (Arnica and Bromelain in their natural form)
    3. Serial taping of the scars up to 3 weeks
    4. Scar therapy initiated with silicone cream and sheets at 6 weeks
    5. Evaluation and possible treatment for laser therapy, steroid injection, and hyperpigmentation at 3 months.
    6. Surgical scar revision for widened scars is considered at 6 months.

*It is essential to consider the timeline of scar healing and maturation, which can take a year or more.

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Silagen is a physician-exclusive blend of medical-grade silicone and zinc oxide we apply after laser treatment to prevent scarring. It prevents hypertrophic scarring and UV-induced hyperpigmentation. As a bonus, it stimulates and normalizes collagen production, which aids in the healing process.

Silagen is an excellent scar therapy for exposed areas such as the face, neck, chest, hands, and arms. It also creates a protective barrier that is flexible and lightweight, protecting the scar while it heals. You’ll love the silky-soft feel of Silagen on your skin and moisturizing, non-irritating ingredients.

Embrace® Active Scar Defense

Did you know one of the main contributors to scar formation is tension? The more stress there is on either side of a scar, the greater the chance it will remain prominent. Embrace® gently holds the skin on either side of a closed scar together, relieving tension and stabilizing the area. This prevents new scar formation and gives the current scar time to flatten, soften, and fade through rich hydration. It also protects the area from normal body movement for added comfort.

Our goal as your cosmetic surgeon is your satisfaction with your cosmetic surgery results. The surgery itself is only part of the equation. Proper scar therapy ensures your procedure gives you beautiful aesthetic results without unsightly scarring while preserving your skin’s elasticity, comfort, and health.


Biocorneum utilizes FDA-cleared Silishield silicone sheeting combined with the flexibility and soothing comfort of a gel that acts and feels like a second skin. This innovative gel acts as a protective coating over scar tissue. Biocorneum also contains hydrocortisone to relieve itching and redness. Our patients find that using Biocorneum aids in reducing discoloration, softening, and flattening both new and older scars from surgical procedures, burns, and injuries.

Vitamedica Recovery Support Program

Vitamedica’s recovery support program contains nutrients to support a healthy immune system and encourage your body’s natural healing process. Ingredients include a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to promote tissue repair, stimulate new cell growth, control the inflammatory response, and minimize scarring.

Laser Therapy for Scars

Laser therapy reduces the appearance of scars using focused laser light to stimulate new healing and smooth old scar tissue. One form of laser therapy uses a carbon dioxide laser to encourage healing without causing further damage. Over time, repeated treatments break down dense scar tissue and allow the body to repair the area with normal skin layers with less scarring.

Intense Pulsed Light therapy may also be used to minimize the appearance of scars. IPL uses intense bursts of bright light targeting hemoglobin and melanin, two components that affect the color of scars. IPL destroys the hemoglobin and melanin that leads to hyperpigmentation that is red or dark in color so that scars are less noticeable.

Treating Old Scars

In addition to carefully treating scar tissue immediately following surgery, we also provide

scar revisions from previous surgeries and procedures. If you would like to improve or revise older scars, talk to us. It is never too late to properly treat scarring to minimize their appearance and improve your comfort.

If you would like to learn more about our approach to scar therapy after cosmetic surgery, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We are always happy to discuss our approach to scar therapy.

Ready To Minimize The Appearance Of Your Scars?
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