Breast Augmentation in Westminster, Colorado

Modern Surgical Arts is a leading cosmetic surgery center in Westminster, Colorado, known for providing exemplary care and cutting-edge treatments. Anchored in a commitment to professionalism, safety, and technological advancement, our clinic offers a broad spectrum of aesthetic enhancements designed to amplify natural beauty and improve self-esteem.

Our Doctors

Guided by the expertise of board-certified surgeons Dr. Kamran Dastoury and Dr. Paul Zwiebel, our skilled team specializes in contemporary surgical methods. We are dedicated to delivering results that align perfectly with each client’s desires and needs. Whether it’s breast augmentation or other cosmetic procedures, we focus meticulously on ensuring optimal safety and achieving your personal aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation at Modern Surgical Arts

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures at our clinic. It involves the strategic placement of implants to augment breast size and improve shape, leading to a more proportionate and visually appealing figure. Whether your goal is to recover breast volume lost due to life events such as pregnancy or weight loss, desire a fuller breast profile, or enhance your overall body silhouette, our expert team will provide thorough guidance at each step of your journey.

Our Breast Implant Options

At Modern Surgical Arts, we utilize top-tier implant technology, particularly favoring the dual-plane placement method, which situates the implant partially beneath the pectoral muscle for a longer-lasting and natural outcome. We offer two implant types:

Allergan Gummy Bear Implants

These implants use a strong silicone gel that retains its shape even if the outer shell is damaged. They come in various sizes and profiles, from low to extra full, allowing extensive customization to achieve your preferred aesthetic.

Mentor BOOST Implants

Ideal for those seeking a realistic texture and enduring shape, these implants come in various projections and degrees of fullness, including moderate plus and high profiles, and are specially designed to reduce gel movement should a rupture occur.

Each implant option is selected for its safety and ability to adapt to a wide range of aesthetic preferences, ensuring our patients can confidently pursue their ideal outcomes. We are devoted to providing a secure, comfortable, and positive augmentation experience.

Why Choose Modern Surgical Arts for Breast Augmentation?

Choosing to undergo breast augmentation is a significant life decision. Our commitment to excellence fills every aspect of our operations. Our board-certified surgeons and supportive staff create a personalized and comforting setting from the initial consultation to the comprehensive follow-up care. Serving the community of Westminster, Modern Surgical Arts is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic aspirations with the highest levels of surgical expertise and patient care.

About Westminster, Colorado

Westminster, near Denver, thrives with many recreational activities. From expansive parks and well-maintained golf courses to various theaters, Westminster is rich with entertainment options. The city also offers diverse retail and dining options, making it an enjoyable and convenient location for residents and visitors. Whether you’re drawn to the outdoors or city life, Westminster offers a dynamic environment for all.