dermal filler restylane injectable denver highlands ranch colorado plastic surgeonNormally, the body naturally produces all we need to look and feel great. Over time though, like anything else, it wears out. We live our lives, get older and develop lines that no longer go away with the curve of a smile or a frown. You may find yourself looking in the mirror and hardly recognizing the person staring back at you.

How did you get here? You might ask your face. Fortunately, there are fillers available that can lift your face and uplift your life. One such filler is FDA-approved, injectable filler called Restylane. This requires no surgery, has little healing time and restores your face as if you didn’t develop those wrinkles in the first place. Note Restylane is not just for ‘old people’. It’s for anyone of the approved age who believe they can benefit from this filler. Maybe you are in your late 20s and have pre-mature wrinkles in your forehead or maybe you’re in your early 30s and have deep lines around your lips even when you aren’t smiling. Whatever the case may be, Restylane might be the filler you need.

Read on to know more about this wonderful filler, how to prepare before and after the surgery and more. Or, contact us to book your consultation where we ascertain your goals and let you know what is best for you.

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What is Restylane?

Restylane is a line of non-toxic hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers that assist in smoothing wrinkles and plump the cheeks and lips. Hyaluronic acid is sugar naturally in the connective tissue of the skin, and as a result it is most commonly used in aesthetic procedures. It is very natural looking and forgiving.

Other uses for Restylane include:

  • Targeting lines around your mouth
  • Minimizing dark circles under your eyes

It has been approved by the U.S.F.D.A since 2003.

As with any procedure, there are some side effects that may or may not occur. It’s always recommended that you know what these are. We advise our patients to contact us right away if they noticed any, all of the side effects as well as anything that seem concerning or cause distress. Common side effects include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Itching at the injection site
  • Headaches

The procedure is in a doctor’s office under local anesthesia, it typically takes less than an hour and recovery time is less than a day. Most people see results almost immediately after the procedure since the volume underneath the skin starts smoothing out wrinkles right after the injection. Note though that this varies depending on the individual. Complete effect of the procedure can be seen within a week to two weeks.

Restylane should be avoided if you:

  • Have an allergic reaction to protein
  • Have an immunocompromisation
  • Are taking blood thinners
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are under age 21

It is crucial to note above. It is also utmost important to give your doctors full transparency as it relates to your health, allergies, current medication, medical history, any previous fillers and more. Knowing these go a far way and prevent unnecessary issues from occurring. As with all procedures, Restylane is not recommended for everyone. Other than those above, we’ll share more in our consultation to see if this filler is right for you.

The cost of Restylane varies based on the treatment that is being done and how many syringes are needed.

Ready To Restore A More Youthful Appearance?
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There are several types of Restylane that can be used for different areas of the face.

1. Restylane silk is designed for lip augmentation and for wrinkles around the mouth.

2. Restylane Lyft is designed for cheek augmentation and midface contour deficiencies. This improves the fullness of face.

3. Restylane Refyne and Defyne are used or wrinkles that can occur at the nose to the corners of the mouth.

Because of the different types of Restylane and the various parts of the face that it can be used for it is best to speak with your doctor about your desired results. We are all about your goals and you. We want to hear about your needs. Our main purpose is to address what your needs are. If Restylane is the right filler for you, we’ll know. Speaking to us via consultation will help us determine which Restylane is best for you.

There are always side effects to note as it relates to any procedure. That’s just coupled with anything medical, surgical or not. This is not said to scare you but to keep you informed. The side effects of Restylane may or may not happen depending on several factors. We implore you to call us should any, all or anything concerns as it relates to your filler procedure occurs. Side effects of Restylane include:

  • Bruising or bleeding at the injection site
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction
  • Pain or Itching
  • Swelling

All of the above are typically resolved in seven to eighteen days, depending on the treatment area. For some patients, it might take more. It’s dependent on the person.

Is Restylane right for you?

We at Modern Surgical Arts will perform a full medical analysis to ensure this is the best treatment of your skin’s health. Restylane treatments are perfect for you if you are seeking to remove wrinkles that are at a medium-depth and fill small or medium skin depressions. Restylane is also a perfect treatment to remove any small scarring that was a result of an accident and your body couldn’t heal properly. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us, to know if Restylane is right for you.

How long does Restylane last?

The treatment process for Restylane last ten to thirty minutes and is done by highly skilled professionals that will always have your best interest at heart. This process is relatively quick and painless. The physical beautification of your skin will be immediately visible and should last between four to twelve months as Restylane is a non-permanent injectable product. This time varies due to the individuals’ body and the rate at which the body breaks down the Restylane. A high metabolic rate will cause your body to break down the Restylane faster that someone with a low metabolic rate. Modern Surgical Arts professionals will guide you through this process and advise you on how often the treatment is to be done, whether once or twice pre year as to help you maintain your beauty but also a healthy skin. As always advised, even after being rejuvenated with a filler, it’s great to have a healthy skin regime that does right for you and your skin.

Before a Restylane treatment

To prepare for a Restylane treatment our professionals at Modern Surgical Arts will give you helpful guidelines, which will be make the process goes smoothly. One should arrive with a clean face that is washed and free of all makeups, avoid waxing shaving or plucking of any hair that is within the treatment area. One should avoid alcoholic beverages several hours before the process also avoid some supplement products such as gingko biloba, ginseng and vitamin E. We mentioned above that Restylane should be avoided if you are taking blood thinners. That is very important. Not only blood thinners should not be taken several days before being injected with Restylane but after as these may boost bruising or bleeding at the site that was injected. These include aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen).

After a Restylane treatment

Healing times vary from patient to patient depends on the amount and location of injections. Restylane is not a permanent filler so if the results are to be maintained more injections will be required and depending on the type of fillers, they can last from six to eighteen months.

To decrease swelling, use a cold compress. You may use gel packs, frozen peas, etc. But it is advised to also stay away from extreme coldness or hotness. So, no sunbathing throughout the healing process. Note that you might have some mild annoyances such as redness, pain, swelling, bruising, etc. These will be stated in your consultation.

You may be tempted to touch the injected area on the day you were treated or even immediately after. That is not recommended as it might disturb or manipulate healing, causing more healing and swelling. It can also cause the Restylane to move to other areas. You don’t want that to happen. A day or so after, you may gently touch the area or even delicately massage the treated site especially if you notice a nodule formation. Just ensure you are not massaging too hard.

Normally, patients do not need an immediate visit for follow-up. However, if any patient feels anxious about the procedure, they could schedule a follow-up. A touch-up is normally recommended about six months after as mentioned above that Restylane is a non-permanent filler and requires a touch-up.

It is crucial to choose a provider who specializes in using Restylane and who has experience with facial fillers, and that is just what we offer here at Modern Surgical Arts. Our plastic surgeons are certified, experienced and overall great to be around. They’ll guide you through any concerns you may have for before, during and after processes.

Our staff ensures that all patients receive the care and after-care necessary and find the best ways to meet all your needs and satisfy your wants. Booking a consultation with us will afford us the opportunity to really sit and talk to you about your needs so that we can address them accordingly. As usual, our support staff is here to assist you with anything you need as it relates to our Restylane service. Reach out, we are ready and waiting to serve you.

If you feel as if Restylane might not be the best filler for you. There are other fillers that we offer that might work for you. You can check out the sections on Radiesse, Juvederm and more. If you are not sure what fills suits your goals, you can always reach out to us and we’ll help you decide which is best. You can also peruse the other cosmetic procedures we provide to see if there are more of your goals that we can meet for you.

As usual, feel free to do your own research on any fillers or cosmetic service you may desire. The more informed you are, the more comfortable and confident you’ll be with making that decision. Your comfort and confidence are important to us. We are looking forward to being your filler providers for this filler and the next.

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