Scar Therapy / Revision

Double board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dastoury specializes in scar revision and therapy. His extensive surgical specialty training and education in all aspects of facial surgery include aesthetic surgery, trauma, head & neck cancer, microvascular reconstruction, pediatric craniofacial surgery, and further subspecialty training in facial & body cosmetic surgery.

Laser Therapy

We offer a variety of in-house scar repair treatments, including laser therapy, a painless and safe solution which improves collagen production and alignment. Stimulating new, healthy skin growth by penetrating outer layers, lasers make scars less uncomfortable and noticeable. Our laser treatments are effective in reducing the appearance of a scar, decreasing its pain or itchiness, and enhancing the affected skin’s range of motion.

Read on to learn more about our scar therapy products and how they can make a difference in your healing.


Silagen is a 100% medical grade silicone gel that is applied after laser treatment. This physician-exclusive silicone and zinc oxide scar refinement system works to prevent hypertrophic scarring and UV-induced scar hyperpigmentation while producing and normalizing collagen. This treatment is ideal for exposed areas, such as face, neck, chest, arms, and hands and has SPF 30. Our doctors are especially fond of Silagen’s silky soft feel and lack of potentially irritating ingredients.


Biocorneum provides a protective shield over the scar area in the form of a gel. Hydrating the skin and controlling the production of excessive collagen formation, Biocorneum is easy, effective, and comfortable. This advanced scar treatment has FDA-cleared Silishield® patented crosslinking medical grade silicone and SPF 30. And Biocorneum comes with 1% Hydrocortisone Acetate which temporarily relives the itching associated with scars.

Embrace® Active Scar Defense

What makes embrace® a superior solution for scar treatment is the way in which it’s designed to relieve the skin’s natural tension around a wound, stabilize the skin, and prevent the formation of new scaring. Protecting the scar from the stress of normal body movement, embrace® minimizes the widening and thickening of your scar, and the 100% medical-grade silicone hydrates it which helps flatten and soften it.

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